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Mike Shustek received his Bachelors of Science in finance from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

He jump-started his career in Las Vegas, pioneering different businesses centered on finance and real estate.

Mike's list of accomplishments range from his involvement in the initial founding of Nevada First Bank, to specializing in non-judicial foreclosures.

In his 20-plus years in the real estate and finance industries, Mike has gained experience in:

  • real estate investments
  • trust deed investments
  • foreclosures
  • mortgages
  • property valuations, and more.

Mike hosts informational seminars and has been a guest lecturer on ethics and real estate law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In 2001, Mike Shustek co-authored Trust Deed Investments, a book focused on private mortgage lending and trust deed investments, and authored If I Can Do It, So Can You.

Mike is a huge sports fan and especially enjoys football. While some people root for teams, Mike focuses on players. Some all time favorite players are Markus Allen (former NFL running back and football analyst), Tom Brady (current quarterback for New England Patriots), and Joe Namath (former quarterback). Mike has also coached a championship little league team, and is a licensed single engine pilot.

Mike Shustek is the CEO of MVP Mortgage


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