Investing in Premium Brands

Even in the art and science of commercial real estate, we invest with a loyalty to brands that resonate with us.

I’ve heard “brand” defined as a “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” In that sense, not only is MVP a brand, but Mike Shustek is a brand; even real estate investments trusts are a brand.Companies with strong identities are considered premium brands

The definition or image of “brand” that most resonates with me comes from Mary Weisnewski, principal and brand strategist with Kite Inc. The way she explains it, “Your brand is everything associated with your organization—all the attributes, both tangible and intangible. It’s your logo, your promise, the product or service you deliver, your name—all that and more. It’s what you stand for, what you do, what you say, and what you look like. It’s everything. It is the beacon that will incite people to join forces with you and make your cause their own.”

Brands distinguished by the strongest repeatable sources are considered premium brands. My professional opinion is that real estate investment trusts are viewed as premium brands for their attractive yield and relatively low risk. Ask a commercial real estate investor why they are loyal to their brand.

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