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The Lifecycle of a Trust Deed [INFOGRAPHIC]

For many people, investing terms are an unknown quantity. Learning these terms can sometimes be like learning a new language. Mike Shustek Investing has put things into simpler terms in this Lifecycle of a Trust Deed infographic, where we answer these questions and more: “What is a trust deed?” “How does a trust deed work?” […]

Should I invest in an individual trust deed or in a trust deed fund?

Investing in individual trust deeds is the preferred approach for experienced, passionate investors who have a profound knowledge of real estate investing, as it may yield a higher return than investing in a fund. Each loan requires a great deal of analysis and due diligence on both the borrower and the property. Investing in individual […]

5 Popular Investment Products


There are many ways to invest and reach personal financial goals, all of which require a monetary plan, proper research, and professional guidance. Some popular investment products are stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Learn how these five popular investment products work and how they can play a role in […]

5 Easy Steps to Financial Planning

 “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” There is a relationship between the level of risk and the potential return on an investment. Although each investor’s portfolio varies, they all start with a plan. A financial plan is crucial to financial success. A solid foundation should be the start to reaching monetary goals. Having […]